State of Skate is a new Facebook group for all members of the derbyverse to respectfully discuss the sport, culture and community of roller derby!


What it's all about:

Roller derby is an amazing sport and community that continues to grow all over the world and develop in ways we never imagined. In my blogs, video and social I'm always asking folks to have these important discussions, but give no place for it to happen! 

This group is for the respectful discussion on things impacting our sport, big and small!


Engagement policy:

Please post, comment and engage with this group as much as you want! This is your group and your voice and perspective is important!

Posts are submitted for approval before posting to keep the group organized and free of 800 posts asking about knee pads.


Everything is up to myself/admin/moderator discretion.

This is not an open forum where any derailing, oppressive, silencing comments are tolerated.

In this group the safety of marginalized community members is prioritized above privileged people’s comfort.


Updated May 2018

We want State of Skate to be a safe space for people discuss topics that may be sensitive. We can not be a safe space if members are sharing screenshots from anything in this group. If you do, you will be removed and banned from State of Skate. 
Please help us keep this group safe by calling-in members who may do this, and let the admin team know ASAP.

-You can now submit posts anonymously through this google form:
In this form you have the option to leave an email address to be contacted if your post is declined. You can still message me directly if that is easier for you and/or you don’t need to be 100% anon (I will always keep our conversations private). We now require a reason for anonymity to also be submitted to keep out inflammatory/troll/etc post.

Updated December 2018

-We are trying to limit the number of anon posts to only those who need anonymity for safety reasons.

-We’ve added two new mods (Casey and Tia) to our moderator group.



Every day there will be a dedicated topic thread that can hopefully both cut down on the reoccurring posts and help keep things organized! Here's the schedule, keep an eye out for these in the group! 


Monday: Skills and Drills

Looking for help on a certain skill? Need a drill to bring to practice? Have advice? Share them Monday!


Tuesday: Tell us about___

Each week will feature different prompts for us to get to know each other and learn about derby across the world! Examples: practice space, derby crush, pre-bout ritual 


Wednesday: Promo

Share your fundraisers, blogs, sale posts, selfies, whatever!


Thursday: Behind the scenes

Questions about making derby work behind the scenes? Let's talk about things like bout production, uniforms, venue questions, 


Friday: Free for all

Let's talk about whatever you want, just follow the rules!


Saturday: Gear

Want to know about a certain plate? Need wheel suggestions? Interested in getting new knee pads? We're gonna keep allllll those questions here!


Sunday: Highlights

What happened this week that caught your attention? Big or small, what effected the derbyverse this week!




Join today, share with your friends, and let's talk about roller derby!

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State of Skate is a group for all members of the derbyverse to respectfully discuss the sport, culture and community of roller derby! Engagement Pol...